New kid on the block – Grill Addicts- Doing it the Namibian Style

What happened to Nado’s? Where did it go too? Anyone? Well they closed all their doors and they are no more operating in Namibia. Feel free to find out why they closed their doors .

Well it’s time we open a Namibian chapter.  We have a new kid on the block and they are doing it bigger and better. Doing what we love. Grilling. Grill Addicts is a proudly Namibian Chicken and beef restaurant. They offer some mouthwatering, juicy, moist and well flavored chicken. Their grilled beef is tender and well prepared; it reminds you that you are Namibian.

Their diverse menu makes sure no one is left out, from main dishes of chicken to beef; they have treats like burgers, wraps, pitas, combos, salads, desserts and drinks, and guess what? Grill addicts also offers something for the vegetarians, this is truly a Namibian restaurant. The stuff is friendly , the food is delicious and the atmosphere is cheerful.

Make a date with Grill Addicts, They are located in Klein Windhoek (Cnr Dr Sam Nuyoma & Stein Street), Olympia (1 Louis Raymond Street), Subway (141 Mandume Ndemufayo Ave), Independence Avenue (Independence Ave, Shop 341) and Katutura (B 1 Mall) .and you can follow them on face book .

Visit any of their branches and have the best of what a proudly Namibia restaurant have to offer, Like they say “Local Is Lekker”.

As a teen growing up, I worked in many restaurants and food outlets across Namibia, and I developed the love for the diverse quality ingredients, food and drinks in Namibia, it is for that reason I wish to share my experience and knowledge with you. I am also looking forward to seeing and being part of your personal experience.

Toivo Reinhold - Namibia Eats Drinks Blog Owner

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